Desk Research

A desk study research study is the examination and survey of data currently accessible about a site and is done at the beginning phase of site evaluation to illuminate and direct the rest of the site examination.

It is a type of market/product research, where we collect data at your desk from existing sources to get initial ideas about the research topic. Advantages of desk-based research:

  • 💰 Low cost – Desk research sources are low-to-no cost.
  • 💨 Speed – If data already exists, data collection is quick.
  • 💎 Clarity – desk research drives & add-value to primary research actions.
  • 🌱 Scalability – Desk research provide scalability, used in secondary research.
  • 📆 Availability – pre-collected data is readily available to analyze the Market Research
  • 💡 Insightful – get valuable insights and help resolve some initial research questions.